Experienced HPC/TACC users will be very familiar with many of the topics presented in this guide. Here we'll highlight some sections for a quick start on Frontera.

Quickstart for Experienced Users

  • Log into the TACC User Portal to confirm that you've been added to a Frontera allocation. Then, connect via SSH to frontera.tacc.utexas.edu.
  • Review the TACC info box displayed at login for your allocation availability and SU balances.
  • Read the Good Conduct section. Frontera is a shared resource and this section covers practices and etiquette to keep your account in good standing and keep Frontera's systems running smoothly for all users.
  • Consult the Frontera File Systems and Frontera Production Queues tables. These should be near identical to the structure used on other TACC systems but there are a few minor changes you will want to take note of.
  • Copy and modify any of the Sample Job Scripts for your own use. These scripts will also be helpful to show you how to modify any Jobs Scripts you are bringing over from other TACC systems so that they run efficiently on Frontera.
  • Review the default modules with "module list". Make any changes needed for your code.
  • Start small. Run any jobs from other systems on a smaller scale in order to test the performance of your code on Frontera. You may find your code needs to be altered or recompiled in order to perform well and at scale on the new system.

Below Frontera
Below Frontera