Frontera User Guide

Last update: May 25, 2023     Download PDF

Status Updates and Notices

  • All users: refer to updated Remote Desktop Access instructions. (07/21/2021)
  • New Queue: A new queue: "small" has been created specifically for one and two node jobs. Jobs of one or two nodes that will run for up to 48 hours should be submitted to this new small queue. The normal queue now has a lower limit of three nodes for all jobs. These new limits will improve the turnaround time for all jobs in the normal and small queues. (03-30-21)
  • Frontera has new large memory nodes, accessible via the nvdimm queue. (04/03/20)
  • Users now have access to additional Frontera User Portal functionality. Log in the portal to access your dashboard and other features. (03-25-20)
  • TACC Staff have put forth new file system and job submission guidelines. All users: read Managing I/O on TACC Resources. (01/09/20)
  • Frontera's GPU queues, rtx and rtx-dev are now open. See Frontera's production queues for more information. Execute qlimits to display Frontera's queue configurations and charge rates. (12/07/19)
  • The TACC Visualization Portal now supports Frontera job submission for VNC and DCV remote desktops as well as Jupyter Notebook sessions. We recommend submitting to the development queue for fastest turn-around. (12/05/2019)
  • Frontera's flex queue is now open. Jobs in this queue are charged a lower rate (.8 SUs) but are pre-emptable after a guaranteed runtime of at least one hour. (10/30/2019)
  • Please run all your jobs out of the $SCRATCH filesystem, instead of $WORK, to preserve the stability of the system. (10/10/2019)
  • You may now subscribe to Frontera User News. Stay up-to-date on Frontera's status, scheduled maintenances and other notifications. (10/10/2019)
  • All users: read the Good Conduct section. Frontera is a shared resource and your actions can impact other users. (10/10/2019)

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