2022 Frontera User Meeting

August 4–5, 2022

The 2022 Frontera User Meeting will be held in person on August 4-5, 2022 at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in Austin, Texas. The meeting will feature sessions and lightning talks from Frontera users, roadmap sessions from project staff about Frontera and the Leadership-Class Computing Facilities (LCCF) project, and feedback panels for users to provide input to the project.

The Frontera User Meeting is a valuable opportunity to participate in the community of scientists, engineers, and technologists who use and operate this unique national resource.

View the 2022 presentations by clicking on the titles in the Agenda below.


Thursday, August 4

12:00pm Registration & Lunch

Welcome: NSF & Dan Stanzione

Frontera Highlights


Science Talk: Yueying Ni

Cosmological simulations from the cosmic web to supermassive black holes

2:30pm Break

User Feedback Panel


Lightning Talk: Eirik Valseth

Large-Scale Computational Modeling of the Environmental Impacts of Channel Deepening on the Texas Coast Using Frontera


Lightning Talk: Martin Fernandez

A Multi-Fidelity Emulator for the Lyman-alpha Forest Flux Power Spectrum


Science Talk: Dan Bodony

Direct Numerical Simulations of Hypersonic Flows on Frontera

4:15pm Break

Science Talk: Yao Wang

Hybrid Algorithms for Correlated Materials with Electron-Phonon Coupling


Lightning Talk: Akaxia Cruz

Simulating Self-Interacting Dark Matter in Galaxy formation on Frontera using the Charm N-body Gravity solver code


Lightning Talk: PK Yeung

Particle transport in turbulence simulations on Frontera

5:30pm Day One Sessions End
5:45pm Welcome Reception – TACC Lobby

Friday, August 5

7:30am Breakfast

Keynote: Ping Chang

Benefits and Challenges of High-Resolution Global Climate Simulations and Prediction


Science Talk: Claire Porter

317 Trillion Pixels – Future Directions of the Worldwide High-resolution Topography Effort


Lightning Talk: Keith Brewster

Real-time Ensemble Numerical Weather Prediction for NOAA Testbeds


Lightning Talk: Tom Quinn

Scaling Galaxy Formation Simulations on Frontera

10:00am Break

Science Talk: Nikolai Pogorelov

Multi-Scale, MHD-kinetic Modeling of the Solar Wind and its interaction with the Local Interstellar Medium


Science Talk: Fatemeh Kahlili

Molecular mechanism of tight junction flexibility

11:15am Break

Science Talk: Lev Arzamasskiy

Multi-scale dynamics and dissipation of kinetic turbulence in the solar wind


Panel: TACC Staff

Future Directions

12:30pm Day Two Sessions End
12:30pm Lunch


Registration is now closed.


The user meeting will be held in the ACB building on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC) of The University of Texas at Austin at 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX, 78758. Lodging recommendations can be found at: www.tacc.utexas.edu/about/hotels (hotels on Domain Dr. close enough to walk).


Please direct any questions or comments to Natalie Henriques at natalie@tacc.utexas.edu.

Past Meeting

View/download 2021 Frontera User Meeting Agenda and Presentations.